1.21 Gigawatts Fund

121G: The NFT venture fund you wish you could go back in time and invest in.

Our three pillar strategy:

Pillar One: High quality new projects lead by vetted teams

We will be launching the 121G Podcast and Twitter Space to interview project founders pre-launch, targeting 45 episodes per year. We will vet the team, product and timing using Ryan Carson's 20 years of experience as a Founder/CEO and his experience as Chief Operating Officer of PROOF and Moonbirds. If the project passes our test, we will allocate capital to secure allowlist spaces and acquire floors and rares immediately after mint. More info can be found here on the podcast and Twitter Space. If you would like to submit your project, please fill out this form.

We will be conducting one-on-one meetings with each project founder team monthly to coach, support and unblock them. We will also be measuring and analyzing their internal metrics and evaluating the progress of the project marked to KPIs.

Pillar Two: One-of-Ones

We will acquire and hold 1/1s by the most prominent NFT artists in the world.

Pillar Three: PROOF

We will be investing into the PROOF ecosystem by acquiring PROOF passes, Moonbirds and more.

121G Community

We will be launching a private Discord for LPs to discuss our strategy, performance and upcoming deal-flow. We will also be inviting our LPs to co-invest with the fund. In addition to Discord, we will be curating IRL meetups with LPs at four key industry events throughout the year.

More details on the fund

  1. To comply with US securities laws, the fund is limited to 100 investors.
  2. The quarterly minimum investment is $72,500 with a commitment of four quarters.

If you're ready to move forward:

View fund documents and apply to invest.

If you'd like to receive more info or meet first:

Fill out this very short form.

A little about Ryan Carson ...

Over the last 20 years, Ryan has been the CEO and Founder of three companies (acquired) and the COO of PROOF and Moonbirds.